Visit to Yvoire and the Garden of the Five Senses

The Village of Yvoire on the French Side of the LakeColleen Gilfrich
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

From Green Landscape Journal: A Blog by the Team of Landscape Architects Working to Redesign the U.S. Mission Grounds

On Saturday we took a full day trip to Yvoire, France. After working studiously for a whole week (and we did, you better believe it!) we thought we should take a day off. In the morning we boarded the boat on Lac Leman, for a relaxing two hour boat ride to the very quaint town. For being such a small community, we didn’t have trouble finding interesting places and shops to explore. We spent some time on the beach getting our toes wet, and found interesting areas to draw and sketch.

There was an amazing amount of gardens, privately owned and others public. Some of us wandered into the Garden of the Five Senses, a labyrinth of different plants, where you walk through room after room of experiences differing for sight and smell. We sampled some awesome sorbet and ice cream before we left. It’s tricky, adjusting to Swiss Francs, then crossing the line into France and having to convert Francs to Euro. I probably gave the sandwich woman at lunch a huge tip! Then, back on the boat, and across the lake we went. The visit gave us some fresh views and new ideas while continuing design later this week, not to mention a really nice sunburn on most noses.