Onion Rings, Palm Trees and Triple Rainbows

Fetes de Geneve Fireworks: Photo by Kirsten Ostberg

Fetes de Geneve Fireworks: Photo by Kirsten Ostberg

By JJ Obee
Ohio State University

From Green Landscape Journal: A Blog by the Team of Landscape Architects Working to Redesign the U.S. Mission Grounds

Bugs, onion rings, palm trees, and triple rainbows – what do these things have in common? They are all names that we students gave to the different types of fireworks Saturday night at the Fete de Geneve. It was fun seeing new types, such as the kind that hang for a while in the air, or those that rest on the water’s surface while changing colors. Never having experienced a fireworks show of such length and caliber, we were all quite dazzled, to say the least.

Although we’ve been working hard at a new plan for the US Mission’s grounds, the bits of time in between have been just as fun. With a group of students and teachers from all over the US, there is a very interesting dynamic. I feel so lucky to have a team with such a wide range of talents and experiences.

Aside from the many things we have learned about the U.S. Mission and the design process, we have also learned a great deal about food. Natalie Ross went through the entertaining process that is a pizza-stuffed turkey, while Damon Sanchez shared his unique recipe for the bacon weave (one pound of bacon weaved to form a wrap, filled with three cheeses, a secret blend of seasoning, jalapeno peppers, and sometimes a sausage link – if he’s feeling hungry). We have also been lucky enough to enjoy the fine cooking of Chef Loic Jenvois – including duck breast with a cherry dressing, caramelized pineapple with a coconut ice cream in a cinnamon sauce, and shrimp-avocado-grapefruit salad. Mahalia Brodey, the high school student working with the group, also created some wonderful deserts for us (including tiramisu, carrot cake, and cookies), while Mike Scholtz took a stab at late-night bread making to keep the group morale high.

At our fiesta with the French students last Friday we shared fajitas, music, and silly bands – a hot item in American grade schools that I brought because the creator is from my home town – Toledo, Ohio.

As we come to the end of our stay in Geneva, I am excited to see the end product of our work, but sad to say goodbye to such a talented and entertaining group of individuals.