From French Cuisine to Friday Night Fajitas

Michael Scholtz
Landscape Architecture Student
State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry

From Green Landscape Journal: A Blog by the Team of Landscape Architects Working to Redesign the U.S. Mission Grounds

Since our arrival in Geneva, we haven’t had anything short of an excellent meal prepared by our amazing French chef, Loic.  However, he too needs to have some time off which meant that last Friday evening we were left to fend for ourselves.  We all decided to have a dinner together at the house and invite the French students and Mahalia over for Fajitas.  With my relentless attemps to learn French, I decided to extend this invitation in French.  What I ended up asking translated to something like “you come to house dinner eat.”  They laughed a little at me and accepted.

We had to make a grocery run so Damon and I hitched a ride down to the Coop with the three French students in their cool car.  After having a small hunt for all of the ingredients, we finally checked out and headed back to the house.  The French students brought over some wine and cheese which we enjoyed while attempting to cook dinner.  Surprisingly, the fajitas were good!  Everyone hung out around on the patio talking about whatever popped into our minds.  I was sputtering out whatever french came to mind, such as “La Mouche” which is “the fly.”

Then some of us headed down to La Fete de Geneve to walk around and enjoy the waterfront.  The festival is huge here.  There are so many rides, lights, and tourists from all over the world. Some rides  are like  giant pendulums which swing the riders from side to side rapidly, as well as completing a 360 degree rotation.  I was not about to try that one.  We had a lot of fun and was a great night!