A Home for the Hedgehogs

Geneva Conservationist Bertrand Von Arx examins a plant on the US Mission Grounds while the Landscape Team Takes Notes

By Damon Sanchez
Iowa State University

From Green Landscape Journal: A Blog by the Team of Landscape Architects Working to Redesign the U.S. Mission Grounds

The toughest part about writing this blog entry was picking only ONE thing to write about. So far, the experience, my first ever in Europe, has been filled with interesting and exciting events. I’ve been to three countries and done things that I never would have had the chance to do while home.

A couple of days ago we, the Greening Geneva interns, had the pleasure of meeting Bertrand Von Arx, the Geneva Regional curator of nature and landscape. He guided us around the grounds of the U.S. Mission and talked about the unique ecology of Geneva. From his presentation we were made aware of the Geneva mascot for biodiversity, the Hedgehog. As a group we are proposing a more diverse group of environments for the U.S. Mission grounds, including a hedgehog habitat. Since then the little critter has snuck his way into dinner table conversations and presentation drawings. Only time will tell where he ends up next!