Are Levitating Air Conditioners the Future? – Global Post Article

U.S. Mission Celebrates the MagLev Chiller Launch with Special Green Cocktail - Photo by William Dowell

April 22, 2009 Article in The Global Post by William T. Dowell

Most of us take air conditioners for granted. We know they use up enormous amounts of electricity, cause brown outs and occasionally blackouts, and contribute to global warming, but in the sweltering summer months when you are threatened with heat exhaustion, who really cares?

That is all the more reason to marvel at the obvious excitement at the United States Mission to the United Nations here in Geneva Tuesday as it officially launched its new 225-ton “MagLev” chiller. To mark the occasion, waiters wheeled trolleys loaded with fog-generating dry ice and garish green “Chiller” cocktails into a large meeting area for the benefit of a select group of journalists and civil engineering afficionados. What better way to prepare for Earth Day?

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